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Mindfulness with Laura Klain

Date:  Thursday, May 19

Time:  7- 8:30 pm

Location: In the library. Registration required. Register HERE

Mindfulness is a great way to alleviate stress, develop more creativity, and cultivate more peace in your life. The practice can be added to any lifestyle and can be done anywhere. No special equipment or skills are needed! Come and learn how to use your breath, mind, and body as tools to help you be more present and peaceful even during times of stress. This hour-long mindfulness workshop and guided meditation includes instruction and discussion.  It will be an opportunity to learn and practice so that you can see what all the fuss is about! Wear comfy clothes and get ready for a relaxing and enlightening experience!

This program is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Burlington Public Library.

Trivia Night 

Date:  Monday, May 23

Time:  7pm

Location: Online - via Zoom. Register HERE.

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Join us on Zoom for trivia night! Trivia questions will be read aloud and displayed in a slide show presentation. Please note, while all ages are welcome, trivia questions are geared toward adults in content and challenge rating.

  • Trivia will consist of 3 rounds of general questions ranging from a variety of topics, a picture round, and a 3 question bonus round to end the night.
  • Play solo, or with a team. Library staff will not be responsible for facilitating teams.
  • Each player/team is responsible for scoring their own answer sheet; pens and paper will be provided. This is meant to be fun. All scores are on the honor system. At the end of each answer round, scores will be submitted to the host, who will tally scores and read the standings aloud.
  • No prizes are awarded, it's all just for fun!

Questions? Email Justin at

Mindfulness & Meditation Class with Lauren Masse - via Zoom

Date: The series runs on Mondays – June 6, June 13, and June 27

Time:  7:30pm – 8pm

Location: Online-via Zoom. Advanced registration is required.  Register HERE.Registering for one part of the series automatically signs you up for the entire series.  (If you miss any of the four classes, it's totally fine! Pick and choose which ones to attend. And if you miss the first class or two, know that it's never too late to start attending!)

Meditation and Mindfulness SeriesPractice clearing your mind, being in the present moment and reducing stress in this 30-minute class. Participants are welcome to find a quiet, comfortable space to relax and join mindfulness teacher, Lauren Masse. Learn how to practice daily mindfulness and calm your mind and body.  

Lauren will focus on a different type of meditation for each session.

June 6 - "Calming Waters" (Deep breathing and visualization)- This meditation will include deep breathing and mindfulness practices for mental and physical relaxation, and guided visualization.

June 13 - "Release and Let Go" (Movement meditation) - This class will include gentle movement and stretching, mental release and physical awareness that will help ground you and release stagnant energy.

June 27 - "Energy exchange" - This meditation will include breathing paired with visualization to help support and balance our energy - wonderful for self-awareness, relaxation and centering ourselves.

About the presenter: Lauren Masse studied Psychology and Public Health at UMass Amherst, and has a Master’s of Public Health from Boston University. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She founded Mindful Minis Boston in 2018 and offers mindfulness classes and private coaching.

Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Burlington Public Library. This virtual event is a collaboration between the libraries of Andover, Burlington, Chelmsford and Tewksbury.

BPL Chess Club

Date: Tuesday, June 7 - No registration required.

Time:  7pm

Location: In Person - at the library.

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Come test your skills with a friendly evening of chess in person at the library. All ages welcome. No registration needed, just drop in and see who is up for a game. Chess boards will be provided. 

Questions? Email Justin at

Effects of Climate Change in Massachusetts  

Date: Thursday, June 23 

Time:  7pm

Location: In the library. Registration required. Register HERE

Cedar Waxwing

We've all heard about climate change, but what is happening to the flora and fauna in Massachusetts? Have you noticed different birds in your neighborhood? Are plants blooming earlier? Are deciduous trees losing their leaves later? Tia Pinney, Mass Audubon Teacher Naturalist and Ecological expert, will explain some of the changes in our environment due to climate change and how these changes affect the wildlife that lives in Massachusetts.

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