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Whimsical Animation

Paintings by Eugene E. Styller

The ScreamBanana Tree

This is what Mr. Styller says about his work. 

This is my second show at Burlington Public Library. (Or the third one, if I count my participation in the online Community Art Quarantine Project.) The first exhibition was during February 2020, before COVID-19 hit the whole world. My pictures were peaceful and funny. But Covid changed the direction of my attention. The famous Edvard Munch’s picture Scream was before my eyes. I was looking for scream in my whimsical animation style. I painted a few scream pictures, and several pictures of banana “hands” grabbing innocent sweet apples.  I'm an optimist and I paint funny things also.

Hopefully the world will overcome that tragic time.  I'm ready to paint pictures that make people happy.

I was engaged in drawing and painting from a young age. (It was long ago and far away.) For several years I studied art in an art studio. I have diplomas for participating in Moscow young artists regional exhibitions. For some personal reasons I didn't apply to art school. Instead, I studied chemistry and worked at a research institute. I have a PhD in physics and mechanics of polymers. A few years ago I published a book titled How to Eat Smart in Time of Global Obesity. It is available from the Minuteman and Merrimack libraries and at Amazon.

In 2019 I put off work on a new book and took up painting.

In The Lobby Cases

Burlington Garden Club

Garden Club PollinatorsGarden Club

The Burlington garden Club highlights the importance of adding native plants, helping pollinators, and reducing invasive plants in our town.

Native plants are essential to our future and host most of the pollinators in our area but are losing ground to non-native plants. Natives require less water and fertilizer, and improve air quality. Examples of native plants for Burlington are shown to add your gardens!

Between 75% and 95% of flowering plants need help with pollination.1 Sadly, pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are losing habitat due to pesticide use, disease, and climate change. Adding native plants and reducing the use of pesticides and other actions, can help reverse this trend.

There are 31 plants in Massachusetts considered invasive plants. They can cause economic and/or environmental harm and replace native plants. The display shows a few of the most common in Burlington. Do you have any invasive plants where you live?

By adding more native plants and reducing invasive plants in our yards and around town, Burlington can be the place where birds, bees, and butterflies want to live.

Reference: 1. Ollerton J., et al. (2011) Oikos 120:321-326.

Exhibit Your Work at the Library

The Trustees of the Burlington Public Library welcome artists to exhibit work in the Library at 22 Sears Street. A spacious, well-lit area on the first floor has been designated "The Gallery" and amateur and professional artists of all ages are invited to participate in solo and group juried shows. Each artist is generally assigned a month to exhibit work.

The Library also has glass-fronted locking display cases in the entry and exit lobbies at the front of the building. They are ideal for displaying three-dimensional objects, but can also be used to display posters, photographs, or papers that are mounted on a firm backing.

If you would like to exhibit your work in either The Gallery or the Glass Cases, access an application form (PDF) or pick one up at the Library. Access the display space procedures and specifications (PDF), and a picture of the rear wall gallery with dimensions (JPG).  Feel free to call Marnie Smith, Assistant Director, at 781-505-4985 for more information.