Discover India Series

Discover India Series

Discover India Series – The Burlington Public Library in Partnership with IAGB 

In April and May 2022, the Burlington Public Library and India Association of Greater Boston partnered to deliver a series of four programs focused on interesting and exciting aspects of Indian culture.  The programs have been recorded and are available for viewing below.

India and the Story of Blue

Indigo Bunting

Blue is a beautiful color and it is tough to imagine a world where blue suddenly went missing.  And yet, for 1000's of years, humans would look at blue colors in nature and not be able to replicate them at all.  When ancient Romans discovered that one country in the world could produce this magical color, it soon became a luxury item worth its weight in gold. India became the magical destination where traders from all over the world flocked to get a piece of the action.

Presented by Vineet Kumar.  Watch the video here. 

Hidden Gems: Ten Beautiful Places in India

Tree Bridge

Imagine walking on a living tree bridge or seeing tea grown and harvested as monsoon clouds roll in.  Sleep in a royal bed overlooking a beautiful lake or gaze at the tallest mountains from a hammock.  Discover hidden gems in India and how to get to them!

You can access the slides from this night's presentation (with links) here.

Presented by Roopesh Mathur.  Watch the video here.

The Story of Paisley and How to Draw It

Paisley by VecteezyToday, most call it paisley, but 200 years ago this same pattern was known as a “buta” pattern from Northern India.  This program will shine a light on the history of paisley. Time will be set aside at the end to learn the basics of drawing paisley.  This is a simple art that all ages can enjoy doing together. No skills needed – only bring your enthusiasm and some paper and pencils.

Access the Practice Worksheet for further lessons here.

Presented by Vineet Kumar.  Watch the video here.

The Bengal Tiger

Bengal TigerFrom Tony the Tiger on cereal boxes to Hobbes the beloved stuffed tiger in “Calvin and Hobbes,” the tiger has long been a fixture in American culture and commerce. The Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris) is an object of fascination for its power, agility, and grace, but in their original home ranges in Asia, they are threatened by habitat loss, poachers, and fragmentation of territories. A concerted effort to protect and increase the tiger population in India has been highly successful. India is one place in the world where you can easily visit and see a tiger in the wild.

You can access the slides from the presentation here.

Presented by Roopesh Mathur.  Watch the video here. 

About the Presenters:

Vineet KumarVineet Kumar is a self-described “curiosity geek” who is inquisitive about everything interesting. An Indian American moved from India and now settled in Lexington (MA). An engineer by training, Vineet is a lifelong teacher at heart and has been teaching Indian Culture to the students of the Shishu Bharati School of Indian Culture for the last 10 years.

Roopesh MathurRoopesh Mathur, a product manager by profession, enjoys learning and teaching culture, history, and philosophy; and is interested in the impact of technology on the real world. Roopesh teaches Indian culture, at the Shishu Bharati School of Indian Culture in Nashua. He lives with his family in Salem NH and is almost finished reading the Harry Potter books to his son.