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Cover image for The secret history of Wonder Woman

The Secret History of 

Wonder Woman 

by Jill Lepore 

A cultural history of the character of Wonder Woman, her creator, and feminism. 

Cover image for Isaac's storm :

Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson 

In 1900, Galveston, Texas was hit by a hurricane with tragic effects. Meteorologist Isaac Cline failed to anticipate the event and faced unforeseen struggles as a result. 

Cover image for The radium girls :

The Radium Girls by Kate Moore

In the 1900s, young women paint watch dials with glow-in-the-dark radium paint. They consider themselves lucky—until they start suffering from a mysterious illness. 

Cover image for The warmth of other suns :

The Warmth of Other Suns 

by Isabel Wilkerson

Wilkerson chronicles one of the great untold stories of American history: the decades-long migration of black citizens who fled the South for northern and western cities, in search of a better life from1915 to 1970.
Cover image for All the frequent troubles of our days :

All the Frequent Troubles 

of Our Days 

by Rebecca Donner 

The life story of Mildred Harnack, an American leader in the German WWII resistance.

Cover image for Facing the mountain :

Facing the Mountain 

by Daniel James Brown

Brown narrates the experiences of the men who fought in the only Japanese-American combat unit and their families.
Cover image for Dead wake :

Dead Wake by Erik Larson  

The story of the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, with a focus on people, suspense, and emotions.

Cover image for The king's shadow :

The King’s Shadow 

by Edmund Richardson

Explorer and archaeologist Charles Masson discovered the city of Alexandria Beneath the Mountains in 1833. Written like a thriller, this book chronicles his time in Afghanistan and India.

Cover image for The dressmakers of Auschwitz :

The Dressmakers of Auschwitz 

by Lucy Adlington 

25 women in Auschwitz-Birkenau worked in the Upper Tailoring Studio making clothing for the women of the Nazi elite. 

Cover image for Unbroken :

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Louis Zamperini, once an Olympian and then lieutenant in the Air Force, crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 1943. His survival on a life raft depended on his own endurance and will.
Cover image for Faster :

Faster by Neal Bascomb

Pulse-pounding story of how a Jewish race car driver and an American speed queen triumphed over Hitler's fearsome Silver Arrows on the eve of World War II.