What do I need to bring in?

In addition to your VHS tapes, you will need to have your own USB stick or external hard drive to save your files onto. Please be aware of storage space as well, a 2-hour tape is about 2GBs.

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1. Is there a fee or waiting list to use the digital converter?
2. What kinds of video tapes can I convert?
3. What type of file is the video converted into?
4. How long does converting take?
5. What do I need to bring in?
6. What software can I play my converted videos on?
7. Can I edit my videos?
8. Can I burn my converted videos onto a DVD?
9. What type of DVD disc do I need to burn onto?
10. How long does burning a DVD take?
11. Do I still need a USB flash drive or external hard drive if I want to burn a DVD?