Meeting Rooms

The Burlington Public Library has meeting rooms of varying sizes that are available for use by community groups at no charge. All rooms must be reserved in advance through the Library's administrator at 781-270-1738.


One large meeting room on the building's main floor can accommodate up to 100 people. Sliding partitions can divide the space into as many as three smaller rooms that will each comfortably hold about 30 individuals. These smaller spaces are named Fogelberg A, Fogelberg B, and the McIntire room. A conference room on the Library's second floor, called "Meeting Room 4", is appropriate for use by groups of up to a dozen people. Individual study rooms that will accommodate 1 to 3 people are available on a walk-in basis on the second floor of the library.

Online Calendar

To view scheduled events, please see our online calendar. All meeting rooms must be booked through the library's administrator.


For more information on booking a meeting room read the Meeting Room Packet (PDF) or contact Marie Cannon at 781-270-1738.

If you would like to reserve a room you can fill out the application form here.