The Burlington Public Library offers events, volunteer opportunities, books, videogames and more for students in middle school and high school (6th-12th grade). 

Meet the Staff: Nicole & Jenna

Nicole (pictured on the bottom) is the Young Adult Librarian. She particularly loves to read fantasy and science fiction. She loves stories in all forms which means she watches too many TV shows and movies. Let's talk about your favorites! She also crafts, paints (mostly by number or instructional videos) and hangs out with her cats. Her favorite part of the job is running programs - especially when that means playing secret identity games with the teens. And ordering lots of books she wants to read without spending "her" money.

Jenna (pictured on the top) is a Youth Services assistant who you'll see run programs, make displays etc. She loves realistic fiction and WWII novels. Her hobbies include paint by diamonds and quilting.

Contact us at: nmonk@burlingtonpl.org or jcantino@burlingtonpl.org