Burlington Public Library Proctoring Guidelines

Dear School,

It is important to us that you know exactly how we proctor exams at the Burlington Public Library. View our proctoring guidelines:

The librarian will check the student's ID and hand student an exam or log into a computer to access an exam. We will make sure that the student has only the materials he/she is allowed, such as sheet of notes, calculator, etc. Students are typically near the librarian as they take their exams and we will walk by the student every 15 to 20 minutes to make sure they are not looking at notes or other websites. The Burlington Library is a busy public library and we are unable to closely monitor the student during the entire exam. We will time the exam.

If this scenario is agreeable, we are happy to proctor your student.

All exams and communication should be emailed to the Library. It is easier for us, and for your students, if any of the three Reference Librarians employed at the Library is able to proctor your student's exams. If only one proctor is designated, your student will only be able to schedule an exam during that librarian's shift. We are Justin Acosta, Shelley Sloboder and Daphne Goldfinch.

Before we proctor an exam for your student, we must hear back from you saying that you agree to our proctoring method.


Justin Acosta
Head Reference Librarian
Burlington Public Library
Phone: 781-270-1691
Email the Library

Proctoring Information for Schools PDF